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Old Fashioned – Coq D’Or, The Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

The Drake Hotel has been a favourite of mine since the days I lived in Chicago. It’s a timeless classic with its impressive architecture, its sweeping staircase, and its rich furnishings and dark woods. It was always a rare treat to come in for a cocktail or two after the Harley was safely stabled for […]

Torpedoed Tulip

Whisky of the week – Torpedoed Tulip. Released as one of the three specially crafted whiskies in Brewdog’s Boilermaker Series, (check out our roadtest at In the Doghouse.), it’s a 100% rye whisky from Millstone, made at the Netherlands’ Zuidam distillery, matured exclusively in ex-oloroso Sherry casks and bottled at 46% ABV. Torpedoed Tulip is […]

In the Doghouse

In the Doghouse. Again. Still? Well, I guess that’s what happens when the mixer for your whisky is a pint of beer. So kids, please don’t try this at home. Now, beer may not be my usual mixer of choice, but Brewdog’s new Boilermaker Series of Whiskies certainly warrants my attention. Now Tuesday has often […]

Sazerac Rye

Whisky of the week – Sazerac Rye. New Orleans in a glass.Bourbon Street and Louis Armstrong, jazz funerals and swamp treacle madness, mercurial Mardi Gras and voodoo chile vengeance, southern baptist purgatory and Basin Street. It’s got the lot. Sazerac Rye whiskey represents the tradition and history of the antediluvian New Orleans washed away by […]

Rocky Mountain High

It started out as a quiet night drinking some new fashioned Old Fashioneds in Aspen’s J-Bar … Check out on the road in October and we’ll tell you all about it.

When the party’s over …

When the party’s over and it’s time to go.Downing the last glass of Sazerac Rye in Milroy’s, Soho. London’s first whisky bar, and still going strong 45 years later.

Brewdog in the house

The Brewdog Boilermaker Series of whiskies?Resurrecting the hauf’n’hauf with a Brewdog chaser??Now THAT sounds like a match made in heaven. I’ve been blown away over the years by the success the Brewdog guys have had with their craft beers from a remote base in the far north east of Scotland.These days you accept amazing stuff […]

Tennessee Fire

Tennessee Fire.
Some say it doesn’t exist.
Others that it shouldn’t.
But it does.

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