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Crabbie 12 year old

Malt of the month for November. Polite, yet full-flavoured malty fruitiness with a peppery smoke. The Crabbie name has been famous for whisky for a long, long time. Since the early 1800s in fact, although the Crabbie family line can be traced back even further, to the ’45, the Jacobite Rebellion and Culloden, the last […]

Glenlochy 1979 – September’s malt of the month

As we say farewell to September’s malt of the month, Glenlochy 1979, the tension mounts. What will October’s malt of the month be? There are four contenders. Stay Tuned.

There can be only one!

Just who will be malt of the month for October? With a range of new malts from John Crabbie & Son to celebrate its relaunch back into the Scotch whisky industry, it seems appropriate to recognise this old newcomer to the shelves. Now part of the Halewood stable, John Crabbie & Son is a name […]

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