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Glenlochy 1979 – September’s malt of the month

As we say farewell to September’s malt of the month, Glenlochy 1979, the tension mounts. What will October’s malt of the month be? There are four contenders. Stay Tuned.

There can be only one!

Just who will be malt of the month for October? With a range of new malts from John Crabbie & Son to celebrate its relaunch back into the Scotch whisky industry, it seems appropriate to recognise this old newcomer to the shelves. Now part of the Halewood stable, John Crabbie & Son is a name […]

Rocky Mountain High

It started out as a quiet night drinking some new fashioned Old Fashioneds in Aspen’s J-Bar … Check out on the road in October and we’ll tell you all about it.

On the road. Where are we?

It’s over 40 years since I stumbled upon this trailblazing stalwart of the swinging Soho scene. Those days are long gone, along with my wild hippy hair and globe-trotting afghan waistcoat. These days folk think Dark They Were and Golden Eyed was an acid flashback to a bad trip. This place has got it all, […]

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