Whisky of the week – Torpedoed Tulip.
Released as one of the three specially crafted whiskies in Brewdog’s Boilermaker Series, (check out our roadtest at In the Doghouse.), it’s a 100% rye whisky from Millstone, made at the Netherlands’ Zuidam distillery, matured exclusively in ex-oloroso Sherry casks and bottled at 46% ABV.

Torpedoed Tulip is designed to match Dead Pony Club, a hoppy, fragrant IPA that is a great summer pint holding its own all year round as a session IPA . With fruit at the core of ale and whisky, the bold citrus aromas of dead pony club are countered by the rich stone fruits of torpedoed tulip, while the bitterness of the pale ale is tamed by the prolific spice of this explosive whisky.
It was my favourite boilermaker of the series. A tasty treat.

Tasting Notes

Torpedoed Tulip pours as a delicate amber, deliciously tasty promise of things to come.
The Nose: Sweet, light, tender with brown sugar.
The Palate: Treacle, verging on bitter, pulled back at the last moment by the citrus.
The Finish: Fire in the hole, slight tannin bitterness with a lingering sharpness. 

Torpedoed Tulip in the wild

Roadtested at The Doghouse, Glasgow, Scotland.