It’s over 40 years since I stumbled upon this trailblazing stalwart of the swinging Soho scene.
Those days are long gone, along with my wild hippy hair and globe-trotting afghan waistcoat. These days folk think Dark They Were and Golden Eyed was an acid flashback to a bad trip.

This place has got it all, tradition, friendly staff who know exactly what they’re talking about, a basement shebeen (sort of), a cask room snug, a lower shelf to fawn over, a middle shelf to kill for, and a top shelf to die for.

And it’s still got ambition.
Looking to chart new territory to the east of the City and expand the London whisky playground.

Wish you were here yet?

You will when you check out next week’s on the road. as we road-test a few great drams.