Now I can undertand the lure of collectables as much as the next man.
I appreciate the attractions of fine whisky.
And I have been intrigued by Japanese art since I was a kid, especially the 36 views of mount Fuji by Hokusai.
But when I hear that a complete, 54 bottle set of Hanyu’s Full Card Series whisky is expected to set a new world record around HK$6m at auction in Hong Kong next month, I do think some folk have more money than sense.

Hanyu Full Card Series bottles

It’s thought there are only four complete Full Card Series sets in the world. Each comprising 54 single cask whiskies distilled at Hanyu between 1985 and 2000, the year when the distillery shut up shop, with each label featuring a different playing card from the pack.

Bonhams set a new world record for the most valuable Japanese whisky collection sold at auction in 2015, when a Full Card Series fetched HK$3,797,500. It expects this set to sell for up to HK$6m (US$0.8m).

Good luck to them.
I have never understood the ‘mint in box’ approach to buying toys. As a youngster I didn’t have so many toys that I could afford to leave them lying untouched in the box.
So the idea of spending millions of dollars on whisky that you will never drink is ludicrous to me.